Web Design

At HARK over the past 12 years we have built hundreds of websites, for business of all sizes, we’ve also worked across a range of business types too from restaurants to professional services, beauty salons to heavy industry.

Like the majority of other leading agencies, to make the most of your budget we can design sites on the world’s most popular CMS (WordPress) starting from less than you might think …however unlike many web design agencies we are also website developers, and for larger projects where budget allows we can develop complex bespoke websites too.

We give you fixed cost prices where possible so there are no surprises. Sometimes a lower quote may be available elsewhere, but our prices are carefully calculated to give us the time needed to do the job properly. Missing important steps to save a little money can be a false economy and result in a website that looks good but can’t be found.

Our award-winning website designers really do get excited about building every new website for any size of business, however before we begin we first listen …as for a website to be a success we really need to get to know your business, know its unique personality and also your target audience, we need to understand your objectives too…only then can we begin the process of building your website.

HARK | verb (intransitive; usually imperative)  to listen; pay attention – Collins English Dictionary