Small Business Websites

Unlike most agencies we don’t believe there is a job too small, indeed we know that our next big client could be one of the sole traders or small businesses that we already serve.

We have already built countless websites for small businesses and some of the most rewarding projects we have undertaken have been for our smallest clients, as the right website or marketing help can make such a huge difference to the success of their business, especially at their launch.

At HARK! in Exeter we know a different approach is required when working with small businesses, and by understanding the pressure and limits on their marketing budgets, and then in using the right tools and approaches, we can achieve amazing results and often help small companies achieve a presence in their market which they felt impossible before.

We take a long-term view toward every client relationship, as we want to work with businesses as their marketing partner for the long-term, so whatever your budget, why not get in touch and see what might be able to do to help you build your business.

HARK | verb (intransitive; usually imperative)  to listen; pay attention – Collins English Dictionary